What makes Python such a great technology for fintech and finance projects?

Python’s clear programming syntax and incredible ecosystem of tools make it one of the best technologies to handle the development process of any financial service. Python is easy to write and deploy, making it a perfect candidate for managing financial services applications that are usually incredibly complex. Also, the financial services sector needs to be more agile and responsive to customer demands, offering personalized experiences and extra services that add value. That’s why finance organizations and fintechs need a technology that is flexible and scalable – and that’s precisely what Python offers. Finance organizations and fintechs are using Python to create cutting-edge solutions that reshape the whole financial services sector.

Using Python in finance

Python comes in handy in a wide range of applications. Python is extensively used in quantitative finance, offering solutions that process and analyze large datasets and big financial data. Python-based solutions are equipped with powerful ML-algorithms that enable predictive analytics, which is very valuable to all financial services providers. Examples of such products include Iwoca and Holvi.

Organizations in the finance industry that want to compete on the market need to develop technological solutions that are secure, functional, and fully compliant with regulations. This can be achieved with excellent python development.


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Why Python is among the top three most popular languages in financial services

The HackerRank 2018 Developer Skills Report ranked Python among the top three most popular languages in the financial services. This ranking is still valid as Python seems to be one of the most used languages in the banking industry. This is due to its simplicity and robust modeling capabilities.

Also, finance organizations are using Python to build payment solutions and online banking platforms. For instance, Venmo, a mobile banking platform, has leveraged on Python development to become a full-fledged social network. Due to its simplicity and flexibility, Python comes in handy for the development of ATM software that enhances payment processing. Aside from Venmo, there are others like Stripe, Zopa, Affirm, Robinhood.

Stock markets are faced with the constant challenge of generating massive amounts of data that demand lots of analysis. This is where Python helps as well. Developers can leverage on Python to create solutions that identify the best trading strategies and offer actionable, predictive analytical insights. Use cases include algorithmic trading in fintech products, which include the likes of Quantopian, Quantconnect, Zipline, Backtrader, and IBPy.

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