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IT world is developing very rapidly and this development leads to change in software development. It also raises the bar of standards and skills. Now if we are thinking of today, a developer needs to be a lot more than a specialist in a specific field. Considering this demand, Full stack developers are the correct option and are quickly becoming the first choice of many enterprises.

But, is it always a wiseful decision to hire a jack of all trades than a specialist one ?

It’s a basic question for many of you. In this article we are trying to find out the answer and try to give you all some reasonable solution that will help you in making your perfect chioce. But before that let’s give a look on the portfolio of both the developers (Full stack and specialized).

Full-stack developer

As we have mentioned earlier, full stack developers are just like jack of all trades. A full stack developer can work with both the back end and front-end developments of websites and applications. In simple terms ,a full stack developer is a developer who can work in the projects that involve building user- focused websites, databases and can also work with clients while they are in the planning phase of their project.

Hire Full Stack Developers or A Team Of Specialised Developers For Your Next Project.

A full stack developer is a well-versed developer and also experienced in numerous areas, such as :

  1. Frontend development frameworks (Vue.js, Angular, Node.js, React)
  2. Backend development languages (PHP, Java, NET)
  3. UI/UX design
  4. Markup languages (HTML and CSS)
  5. Databases (Firebase, MongoDB, PosterSQL, MySQL)
  6. Software testing tools (TestComplete, Jatakon studio, Postman, Selenium)
  7. Working to ensure scalability, architecture and project roadmap.

In complete contrast to the popular perception, a full-stack software engineer doesn’t necessarily need to program all the codes of a web app on his own. Many a times he spends his majority of time either in the backend or the frontend code of a site. Moreover, writing code is only a small portion of a full stack developer. Besides writing the code, it is the responsibility of a full stack developer to implement customized frameworks, tools, libraries.

This is the reason which, having a comprehensive programming skill and knowledge of implementing backend and frontend tools and framework, makes the full stack developer an ideal prospect for the enterprises to hire them.

Specialist Developer

As the name expresses itself, a specialist developer is a developer who has expertise in a specific discipline and skill and whose entire capability and output revolves around that particular discipline alone. For example, a developer having been specialized in database design will only be required in that capacity. Similarly, a developer with UI/UX design skills will only work for UI/UX design. In spite of having specific skills and expertise it doesn’t mean that the specialized developer won’t have the same understanding required for building and delivering an application as that of a full stack developer.

Hire Full Stack Developers or A Team Of Specialised Developers For Your Next Project.

Full Stack Developer Vs Specialist Developer

We have understood the basic difference between a full-stack developer and a specialist developer. Now let’s go through the pros and cons of hiring them.

First have a look at the pros and cons of hiring a qualified full stack developer.

Full-stack Developers-

Full stack developers in most development companies play a very important role. They provide a lot of flexibility and cost advantages. But hiring full stack developers have it’s downsides as well.

Pros :-

  1. A Multi tasker

As we are well known of it now that a full-stack developer is a jack of aal trades. A full-stack developer remains well versed in all the various stages of software development projects and various skills including frontend, backend, QA testing, architecture of code, UI/UX design and many more. This versatility helps full stack developer to quickly identify and eliminate the omni purpose issues especially when there are different developers worki1on different parts of the project. In the absence of a full-stack developer, specialist developers have to conduct a meeting to identify the problem which would be a time consuming process.

  1. Ideal for small budget projects

Hiring one full stack developer can easily replace two or sometimes more than two specialized developers. Thanks to the command over multiple skills and languages, full stack developers can help to do without the multiple specialized developers. Hence hiring a full-stack developer can help in lowering the cost of development for app projects.

  1. Flexibility

Since a full-stack developer comes with great flexibility as he is well-versed with both serve-side and client-side, it is easy for him to switch between skills and tasks. A full-stack developer reduces the development time by eliminating misunderstandings between the development sides. In the presence of a full-stack developer,there is no need for the frontend developers to conduct a meeting for explaining the backend developers about the issue and for the backend developers to conduct a meeting for explaining the frontend developers about the issue.

Cons :-

  1. Under-productive Time Management

In case, if there are multiple full stack developers working on a major part of a project, then it might pose a huge risk of irrational time management. It’s because there might be a situation of high workload with a cluster if unresolved tasks. This might halt the entire project as the developers would be busy in completing the unresolved tasks rather than working on new one. This actually can harm productivity and cause bad time management.

  1. Unable to be updated with the latest version of trends and technologies

Hence full-stack developers work in different fields at one time and also with various skills, many a times it becomes really very challenging for them to be updated with the latest version of trends, tools and technologies of all the area of expertise.

  1. Controlling responsibility

When you are working with a full-stack development team, then developers take too much workload and usually forget to split their work into smaller tasks. Instead they simply work cohesive parts of the project . This creates confusion about the responsibility of the project and makes it difficult for the team members as well as the customers to regulate,check and most importantly define the completeness of the project at any point of insrant.

Now let’s see the pros and cons of hiring a specialized developer.

Specialized Developers-

Specialist developers in complete contrast to the full stack developers are not a jack of all trades but rather the master of a single trade. This has its equal share of advantages and disadvantages.

Pros :-

  1. High quality of work

When you hire a specialized developer, it simply means that you will always get optimum quality of work for all the parts of your project. It’s because the specialized developers remain well-versed and thoroughly skilled in their area of expertise and hence superior output from the developers is ensured to that of full stack developers.

  1. Stay updated to the latest trends and technologies

As the specialized developers have a specialized area of expertise, it can be easy for them to remain updated and informed about all the latest trends and technologies of their specific development area.

  1. Convenient allocation of tasks or responsibilities

As you already know that the specialized developers are the specialists of specific skills and discipline, the allocation of tasks and responsibilities to each developer based on their strength becomes easy, efficient and comfortable. This also helps to split the entire project into small tasks and then each small portion can be easily managed by their specialist ones.

Cons :-

  1. Higher cost of development

Obviously, hiring specialist frontend developer and backend developer for client side and service side development tasks, costs higher than hiring a single full stack developer that can do the same work.

  1. Dependency

Since specialized developers are highly skilled and mastered at performing the tasks of their domain, they do not have any idea about the various skills and technologies apart from their own area of expertise, hence they need to be dependent on developers of other skill areas or other team members. This dependency actually slows down a project apart from creating more complexities for the project. For example, in a particular project one specialized developer can’t proceed until the other specialized developer has completed his part of the job.


When to choose a full-stack developer or dedicated developer ?


As we have discussed about the pros and cons for both the developers (full stack developer and specialist developer). But you still might be in dilemma as to hire a full-stack developer or a specialist developer. To make your choice clear between these two developers, let’s have a look on the criteria side for hiring your perfect developer option.

Suggestions for hiring a full stack developer :-

  1. Small projects

If your project size is small or medium then it is preferable to hire a full stack developer because in such a project a full-stack developer can cover a range of technologies and switch between tasks and meet the expectations.

  1. Small Businesses/Startups

If you are a start-up or have a small business then you can be greatly benefited from full stack developers. Startups have time and budgetary constraints. If these aspects are considered, full stack developers will prove highly beneficial

  1. Low budget issue

Hiring a full-stack developer us financially economical as compared to that of a specialized one. So if you are low on your budget then full stack developer is the correct choice.

  1. Projects with low complexity

This criteria is quite similar to the first one because if the size of the project is small then it’s quite obvious that it has small number of tasks, clear functionality and simple implementation. So a full stack developer can easily handle such type of low complexity projects.

  1. Time constraints

If you have to complete a project within a short timeframe then hiring a full-stack developer is highly recommended. They can use their expertise in the various areas and switch between the tasks to complete the project in a short time frame.

Suggestions for hiring a specialized developer :-

  1. Large projects

Large and long – term projects require a team of specialized developers. The project can be divided into small tasks and can be completed in an organized manner. So it is advised to hire a huge team of specialized developers as there is a need to accurately follow the documentation process along with implementing the suitable tools and technologies.

  1. Projects with high complexity

If the project is complex in nature and consists of a large number of tasks then it requires in-depth knowledge and expertise. So it will be a better choice to go for the specialized developers because they can leverage their experience and expertise to handle the complicated project.

  1. Project flexibility

If your project requirements are strict,  well defined and rigid then you must go for a team of specialized and dedicated developers.

  1. Project Quality

Quality of project is an important criteria for the selection of developers. If you are looking for optimum quality output then it’s obvious it will require some extra effort which only a specialized developer team can perform. Because premium results warrant expertise and in-depth knowledge.

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