Bots & Automation For Lead generation

Bots & Automation are used for accomplishing jobs which are repetitive and need to be done as quickly as possible without the need of human supervision. They are written in the form of codes which form the program which the bot eventually follows for conducting the automation.

Automation bots work on the concept of natural language processing, fuzzy logics, artificial intelligence, etc. They provide great aid in generating leads by engaging with the customers or prospects present on the websites or social media.

Bots And Automation For Lead Generation

Types Of Bots For Lead Generation

There are certain types of bots that are quite helpful in generating lead for your business, namely, Chat-bots, Web scraping bots, Text-reading bots and Social bots. The way they work are as follows:


They virtually assist an user when they generate a request and then eventually engage in a conversation to resolve a query or provide information. When a new prospect or an old customer have query that they want answers to, Chat-bots are quite helpful. The bot prompts the user to select options that are pre-loaded in the software. According to each choice the bot further provides further options to select from until and unless the query is resolved. In case the query is not solved, the user is redirected to such options where they can engage with a human.

Bots And Automation For Lead Generation
Bots And Automation For Lead Generation

Web scraping bots

Web scraping means to collect data from different websites pertaining to the search criteria employed by the user. The bots employed for web scraping perform the search across thousands of websites for fulfilling the user request. The data received after scraping is analyzed for further use.

A company can use web scraping bots to collect information about prospects for their business who are present on the world wide web along with their personal details.

Text-reading bots

These bots are used to search and analyze texts according to a particular keyword and the keywords density. These bots can be used by the company for searching the trending words present in online media and social sites specific to their product or service and then use it to attract or retain customers.

Bots And Automation For Lead Generation
Bots And Automation For Lead Generation

Social bots

The discussions that take place in a forum or social media are significant in influencing the audience or the one engaging in the conversation. Social bots take up a human identity and engage discussions on social media. They are either there to attract followers or to follow others.

A company can benefit from the large availability of audience on the social media websites and the bots can be used to influence customers or follow customers according to the need.

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