5 Top Websites Developed Using Django Frameworks

Regardless of the sphere you work in, one of your most important tasks is to create a fast, good-looking website. Today, almost every business needs a website, which acts as a sort of business card for a company or online service. It helps you engage with customers, promote your business, increase sales and so on. In every case, the website should be fast, scalable and dynamic.

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Advantages Of Using Django

This web framework is intended to create highly scalable web applications or websites with a constantly growing audience (e.g. content-based or news sites). Django perfectly works as is and provides users with a range of options to create Python-based web-applications including a user dashboard, various database supports (SQLite, PostgresSQL, MySQL), admin functions, and more.

5 Famous websites Built using Django


One of the most famous and fast-growing social networks, Instagram is another example of a website built with Python+Django. Why? Instagram processes enormous amounts of data and user interactions (likes, shares, etc.). With Django, the Instagram team can handle all of this, in addition to benefiting from ready-to-implement instruments that allow them to concentrate on UI and UX without having to think about the technology that makes them work.

5 Top Websites Developed Using Django Frameworks​ | Django Web Development


One of the greatest projects made with Django. It allows you to implement comments and discussion options on your site, analyze audience activity and customize ad serving. Using the Django framework allowed the team not only to create the website quickly, but to keep scaling it for millions of new users. Now the Disqus team uses other frameworks as well, but Django continues to be a top choice due to its ever-growing community and multiple ready-to-implement options.

5 Top Websites Developed Using Django Frameworks​ | Django Web Development


The BitBucket team opted to use Django for several reasons. The first one is the thousands of developers in its community. The second reason, which we referred to earlier, is Django’s suite of ready-to-implement solutions. Thus, BitBucket can take what they need and spend more time thinking about how to make its product even better.

5 Top Websites Developed Using Django Frameworks​ | Django Web Development


Python was used to make the backend and client desktop software. It allowed the team to come up with the product relatively quickly. Using Django, the developers had an opportunity to add the user history option, synchronize an account across different devices, and, most importantly, add the file sharing option.

5 Top Websites Developed Using Django Frameworks​ | Django Web Development


One of the most popular browsers, Mozilla, needs to cope with hundreds of millions of queries every month. Given the number of queries they receive over API, it’s easy to understand why the team decided to move from PHP+CakePHP to Python+Django. Now, the Mozilla support website and all the add-ons for their browser are powered by Django.

5 Top Websites Developed Using Django Frameworks​ | Django Web Development

Why To Choose Django For Web Development

Django is a perfect solution for both startups and large companies that aim to deliver their products as quickly as possible and at efficient cost. Here you may find more examples of successful projects made with Django. With the help of this framework, you can not only create a website, but also enrich it with new features and updates and scale it for a larger audience.

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