5 Good Reasons Why Artificial Intelligence Really Is Going To Change Our World

“Artificial Intelligence is going to change the world more than anything in the history of mankind. More than electricity.” Artificial Intelligence(AI) technology has continued to grow in recent years, stunning the world with its latest innovations. But, some are admittedly growing weary about AI and it’s continuous growth. With talk of robots one day replacing humans for labour, concerns of an increasingly tech dependent world grow stronger. AI refers to the ability of machines to interpret data and act intelligently, meaning they can make decisions and carry out tasks based on the data at hand – rather like a human does.

5 Good Reasons Why Artificial Intelligence Really Is Going To Change Our World

Reasons Why AI is going to change the world in 2020 and beyond.

You have read a lot about the AI in recent years – particularly how it’s going to save the world and/or end the civilization as we know it. AI is truly changing the world – providing innovation that can change how we approach healthcare, the environment and the day to day act of living.

Here are some quick reasons why I believe that AI is going to change the world in 2020 and beyond.

AI's impact is everywhere

In our day to day life, asking alexa for weather report, using face recognition app, using credit card, browsing dating apps, etc, most of us have done one or all of these things, probably in the last week or in the last 24 hours. All of these everyday processes are underpinned by AI and data. AI allows your credit card company to determine -- in the blink of an eye -- that your latest transaction fits your spending pattern and isn't fraudulent. From Amazon's Alexa ,to predicting the weather AI's chief intrest to the general public is its ability to fast track convenience. So, to put it bluntly, AI is already deeply embedded in your everyday life, and it's not going anywhere.

AI is going to transform entire industries, it isn't just infiltrate the everyday life

There is virtually no major industry left untouched with the impact of AI. Some sectors are at the start of their AI journey, others are veteran travellers. Both have a long way to go. Regardless, the impact of the artificial intelligence is having on our present day lives is hard to ignore. AI's impact is already being felt in a vast range of industries, from farming and manufacturing to retail and banking. In healthcare, AI technology is affecting with its innovations. Because AI specializes in determining information from a data set, innovations in diagnostics are considerable and AI is used today in assessing X-rays and other scans, as well as discovering new drugs to address new illnesses. Additionally robot-assisted surgery can provide real time data and information.

AI will take us close to humanity

Artificial Intelligence can also be considered a boon to humanity given the fact that it liberates humans and allows them to perform tasks in which they excel. We can base the necessity of AI and it's applications on the argument that this technology takes care of all the tedious tasks that human must perform in order to achieve varied results. Machines excel in taking care of cumbersome works, and this leaves enough room and time for humans to work on more creative and interpersonal aspect of their life.

Becoming more affordable for the masses

It is used to be that to work with AI you'd need expensive technology and huge team of in-house data scientists. That's no longer the case. Like many technology solutions, AI is now readily available on an as-a-service basis - with a rapidly growing range of off-the-peg service solutions aimed at businesses of all sizes. As an example, in 2019, Amazon launched "Personalize", an AI-based service that helps businesses provide tailored customer recommendations and search results. Incredibly, Amazon says no AI experience is needed to train and deploy the technology.

Zero Scope for Errors

Clive Swan, the Senior Vice President of Oracle Adaptive Intelligent Apps, shares the promise of AI and it's automation as it eliminates the compulsion of human intervention and hence, removes all scope for human error. The best thing about AI and it's plenty of technologies is that it is error-free. Industries and organizations usually have to leave a significant room for human error because it is natural to see it's presence in manual human labour. This is what industries primarily have to deal with, and it also puts hurdles in the road to innovations as well as scientific and technological advancement. Therefore it is high time that we admit that we need robots and machines to provide us with a high level of precision and accuracy, leaving zero room for error.